EISC submits Center proposal to President Roth

Dear Wesleyan Community,

Thank you all for your engagement, energy, and thoughtful input as we built on the work of the Equity Task Force and crafted a proposal for The Center!  Continuing in the spirit of transparency the Equity Task Force established, the link below provides you with a copy of the proposal, delivered to President Roth this morning.  The work and the path toward greater inclusion in a manner that is equitable and lives up to the spirit of Wesleyan continues, so stay engaged and connected!

With gratitude,

The Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee

E&I Resource Center Proposal

Resource Center Update

Dear Wesleyan Community, 

We’re excited to update you all on the progress that the Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee has made with respect to the forthcoming resource center. Since our last update we have: 

-Completed outlines day-by-day for each affinity group the center will support

-Established job descriptions for three different staff positions

-Created plans for the future of the resource center

We hope to finish the proposal by the end of February, in time for the Board of Trustees meeting the first weekend of March. We look forward to continued conversation with the campus community about the resource center’s direction.




EISC Agenda Meeting #2 and #3

EISC Agenda Meeting #2

October 10, 2016

  1. Review and approve Principals
  2. Review and approve Timeline
  3. Review and approve expansion of committee per timeline workload
  4. Discussion of student volunteer compensation for research
  5. 5 minute talk at Faculty Meeting Tuesdays
  6. Additional student members
  7. What are the parameters for student engagement in the steering committee
  8. Expanding the steering committee to include students


EISC Agenda Meeting #3

October 26, 2016

  1. Review, approve, and publish guiding principles.
  2. Review and finalize stipend for research
  3. Discuss and agree on resource center committee membership, initial tasks, expected outcomes, and timely reporting dates.
  4. Calender remaining EISC meetings, including EISC meeting with student leaders on Nov 10th
  5. Agree on format of meeting(s) with trustees; draft invitation

Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee Meets

The Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee met for the first time to discuss the agenda below.  Please continue to visit this website for timely updates.

Meeting #1

Saturday 24SEPT 8-9am

Boger Hall, rm 111

Present: Janice Naegele, faculty vice chair, Rebecca Hutman, WSA president, Irma Gonzalez, chair of the Board of Trustees’ Campus Affairs Committee, Antonio Farias, vice president for equity & inclusion

Agenda Covered:

– prioritization

– support/staffing of subcommittee(s)

– calendar

– communications plan

– next steps

You can contact the entire steering committee via this email: eisc@wesleyan.edu or click here to add your voice to the process.