What in the world is the task force up to?

We’ve met three times since the beginning of the semester and like any new group of people, we are getting to know one another – the strengths and talents we bring to the team, and most importantly, we’re breaking down our charge, establishing timelines, scheduling meetings with a wide swath of concerned constituents on campus – all while remembering that change is a process and many many folks who are no longer on campus have been part of the change process that got us to this unique opportunity to make a difference.

We’re hear to listen before we make recommendations and to help that process we’re opening up standing office hours between now and Spring Break so that you can come to any of us with concerns, constructive criticism, and ideas!  Be aware that when you present ideas – as awesome as they are to you, we’ll ask you Why?  and we’ll keep asking you Why?  so that we can better understand in order for us to make better recommendations in a timely way.  The clock is ticking – tic…toc…so don’t stay silent – let us know what you think – we’re one email away! equitytaskforce@wesleyan.edu

Task Force Office Hours:

Elisa Del Valle Cardona, Director, Student Activities and Leadership Development, New Student Orientation,
Office Hours: Monday 12pm-2pm, USDAN 124

Antonio Farias, Vice President for Equity & Inclusion, Title IX/Sec. 504 Officer, Posse Veteran Scholars Liaison (Tri-Chair),
Office Hours: Thursday 8am-10am or by appt. North College 317

Matthew Garrett, Associate Professor of English, American Studies, Director Certificate in Social, Cultural & Critical Theory,
Office Hours: Wednesday 11am-1pm, or by appt. 285 Court St, Rm 309

William Johnston, Professor of History, East Asian Studies, Science in Society, Environmental Studies,
Office Hours: Wednesday, 2-4pm or by appt. PAC 135

Makaela Kingsley ’98, Director, Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship,
Office Hours: use link http://bit.ly/1OaLilK

Caroline Liu ’18,
Office Hours: Friday, 10:30am-12:30pm PCSE Boardroom, Allbritton

Henry Martellier ’19,
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday, 2-3pm USDAN 1st Floor Court

Shardonay Pagett ’18, (Tri-Chair),
Office Hours: Wednesday/Thursday, 4-5pm, USDAN 126

Gina Athena Ulysse, Professor of Anthropology, Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies (Tri-Chair)
Office Hours: Tuesday, 2:30pm-5:30pm, 281 High St, Rm 4


Listening Tour:

  • We will meet with the following key stakeholders for 15-20 minutes to begin our discovery phase of the work.
  • 2/2/16 (12pm-12:20pm) Usdan 104D– Gender Resource Center Group
  • TBD – The WSA & The Equity and Inclusion Student Advisory Group
  • 2/10/16 (12pm-12:15pm)– Usdan 108 – The Administrators & Faculty of Color Alliance (AFCA) Lunch
  • 2/11/16 (1:30pm-1:45pm) –Usdan 108 – The Division of Student Affairs Meeting
  • TBD   – Faculty Meeting –Shanklin 107